Vietnam is a promising region for the opening of trade and other representative offices, the founding of plants and factories and the registration of all types of commercial enterprises.

Vietnam is part of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) —  forum  21 of the economy of the Asia-Pacific region. By 2020, the APEC states are planning to create a free trade zone. Vietnam is also a member of the WTO international trade organization.

This state is a major producer of rice, coffee, rubber, cotton, tea (the total area of tea planting is about 131 thousand hectares, the industry revenue is about 150 million dollars a year, 70% of which is export share), pepper, soy, cashew, sugarcane, peanuts, bananas; poultry; fish and seafood. In 2012, Vietnam became the largest exporter of coffee in the world.

Register a company in Vietnam, for example LLC (Limited Liability Company)

It takes about 10 days, a nominal service is available. Vietnam is also attractive in terms of cheap work force. The costs of labor in Vietnam will be 40% cheaper when comparing with neighboring China. Therefore, many world plants and factories are located in Vietnam, for example, Sumsung factory that manufactures the mobile phones. It is very simple to open a representative office of a foreign company in the state, there is a special economic and legal simplified system for foreign representative offices’ registration. The fact of the densely populated Vietnam also significantly increases the commercial attractiveness of this country for foreign business in the field of services, finance, marketing and entertainment on the Internet. You can open an account in any bank in 1 day, but you must remember that payments in this country are made only in the national currency.

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